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Discover the epitome of luxury and excellence with our award winning prestige tour business. We are proud recipients of numerous accolades that recognise our commitment to delivering unparalleled travel experiences. From the moment you choose us, you'll embark on a sophisticated yet fun journey with world class service. Our expertly curated tours combine the finest accomodations, exclusive access to hidden gems and personalised attention to detail. With a reputation built on trust and excellence, we invite you to indulge in the ultimate travel experience with us.

Our Story...

I'm Christine.

I was raised in Queensland

and have travelled 

throughout my home state,

other parts of Australia and

overseas. I was bitten by the

travel bug years ago, and

since, I have made it my

mission to explore a new

area yearly.

I moved to Hervey Bay only a

few short years ago with my

two sons, after spending

14 years in the South Burnett; a region rich in produce, wines, crafters and artisans. One of my passions in life is to share my own joy and wonderment of the world around me with others, encouraging everyone to take a moment to stop, look and enjoy what surrounds us. 

I met Catherine in 2020. It did not take long to find commonalities in our passions and visions; and our like minds gave birth to exciting new ideas for our region. CaCh (Catherine & Christine) Tours and Events was born. Life just keeps getting bigger and better; and together with Catherine, I know we will achieve great things. 


I'm Catherine.

Born in Ireland I came to Australia in 1996 on an adventure of a lifetime that has lasted far longer than the intended 12 months. Here began my love of travel, adventure, Australia and it’s people. I began working as a tour guide in The Kimberleys and then went on to tour all over Australia but mostly travelled through the Tanami and Simpson Deserts, the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island and back to the Kimberleys (my one true love). In 2006 I ventured back to my roots - hospitality, I lived a “normal” life for a while and

also raised a family, 2 amazing

boys who are my whole world



In recent years I’ve had a life-

changing event occur that has

turned me around and sent me

back to the world of touring.

Initially, embarking on this

adventure on my own, l had a

dream to give people a chance

to experience the wonder of

this country as I did when I first came here. Then I met Chrissy, a like minded adventurer with a creative flair and together we make the most amazing team; expanding tourism to embrace “event planning” and the world of “pop up picnics” Together we are unstoppable.

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